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Image of Japanese Collectible Mini Nardi Steering Wheel

Japanese Collectible Mini Nardi Steering Wheel

$50.00 - Sold out

I spotted these in Japan and thought they'd be pretty cool to have, just as a collectible or keychain. They're actually keychains I believe and were available at certain Autobacs stores throughout Japan. It took me a while to source these so I just ended up buying a bunch in case you guys wanted some. And by "a bunch", I mean there are like 4 of each. If you're a Nardi enthusiast or just like random Japanese automotive knick-knacks, these are perfect for you!...

The last photo is for scale so you can see how small they are. They're pretty detailed and quality looks good. I have one of these wheels in real life and it looks pretty identical lol...

Sorry, they don't come in all black! They only made woodgrain ones for some reason...

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*Unfortunately due to the recent changes brought on by Brexit, we are no longer able to make our products available to the United Kingdom. Sorry!!

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